Melö Leather designs creatively explore the use of colour and a variety of stitching techniques to embellish and manipulate the surface of beautiful leathers and textiles. They are inspired by observations of nature, art and life.

Great passion, thought and consideration go into the making of each handcrafted item, unique commission and leather workshops. This is a reflection of the long and arduous process involved in the production of leather before it is worked by Melö.



“I am a North London craftsperson who designs and makes a range of leather products.  These include bespoke leather book covers, custom made leather Bible covers, leather card holders, leather purses, keyrings, leather art and leather workshop experiences for children and adults.  They make perfect gifts.

“I have enjoyed exploring the versatile qualities of leather and using a fresh approach to traditional and contemporary stitching techniques to craft classic and contemporary leather designs.  Studying at the London College of Fashion, The City Lit and MorleyCollege over the past 10 years has developed my leather skills and love of this wonderful material.

“My work is not mass manufactured.  Each unique item is handcrafted, created with great time and considerable patience.

“It brings me great joy to take the crafting journey with each design I make.  I see the original gem that inspired the design, the drawings, the patterns, the materials that go into making it and then the final product.  I am keen to share my enthusiasm, 14 years of teaching experience and this journey with people who attend my leather workshops or who visit me at fairs.

“I hope you enjoy my work as much as I do when creating my designs.”