All About Melö

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My journey begins with . . . shoes!

As a girl with larger feet, I desperately wanted a pair of shoes that could fit properly.

After tirelessly trawling through high street shops, looking for shoes that still didn’t fit, I decided to make my own . . .

Meloleather Needle and Red ThreadSo, I enrolled on a shoe making course at the London College of Fashion.  My passion for shoes, design, making and learning quickly became a passion for the versatility and variety I found in leather.

I finished my shoemaking course and continued to practise sewing and experimenting with leather. This led me to making keyrings, small leather accessories, books and covering Bibles. It also opened up opportunities for me to produce commissioned works of leather art and to teach leather workshops.

My work became known for being unique because I handcrafted everything I made (making each item slightly different), I produced my designs in small quantities and I was based in North London.

Meloleather First ShoeI still have the same passion for leather, design, making and learning that I had at the beginning and I am glad that it continues to flourish.

Many more shops on Chiltern Street and online now sell nicer shoes for ladies with large feet! signature