Great British Sewing Bee Leather Challenge

Detail of Meloleather Clutch
Contemporary Leather Colours Mel

Meloleather colours; a range of leathers used

I was so excited to see episode 5 of The Great British Sewing Bee. See BBC IPlayer for the episode.

This episode contained many new challenges for sewers, including sewing a garment using leather.

Listening to the language the competitors used to describe the luxurious and sumptuous feel of the leather they were handling filled me with great joy; I get excited whenever someone discovers this beautiful textile.  

Detail of Meloleather Clutch

Detail of Meloleather Clutch

I also felt that this episode highlighted the many challenges that arise when sewing leather.  Leather is not an easy material to sew or handle if you have no experience of what you are doing.

In my own creative leather work,  I have to consider the type of leather I use for different commissions and how they will work on my machine.  My work contains a lot of applique made up from different textiles.  This means that I always consider how these materials will compliment each other.   I also have to plan  ways to reduce the bulk of what I am working on.

I hope to run more leather workshops later in the year where people will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of leather and make something precious of their own.

In the meantime, who will win The Great British Sewing Bee?