Art UK Sculpture Project! Leather Afro Combs Exhibition

Meloleather Gold Afro Comb

I am very excited that the leather Afro Combs I created for Bruce Castle’s History of the Afro Comb Exhibition have now been included in Art UK’s Sculpture Project.

Meloleather Afro Combs

Works from artists all across the UK have been included in this national database and I am very pleased that my leather work has been included.


Visit the site for more details.


Bookmaking Workshops


We had lots of fun making books using African fabrics at Hornsey Library during Black History Month.

People had the chance to bring their own materials to make their own special notebooks.  Everyone was proud of their own creations.

IMG_20181027_154405 IMG_20181027_135002 IMG_20181027_134950 IMG_20181027_153511 IMG_20181027_123401 IMG_20181027_115513


Forty Hall – Leather Christmas Gifts


The Forty Hall Farm Shop has many lovely items on sale.  Many food items on sale are grown on the grounds of Forty Hall and many craft items are made by local crafts people like me!

Keep your eyes open for my new leather and fabric range; they will be on sale in the shop very soon.

img_6079       img_3741



Great British Sewing Bee Leather Challenge

Detail of Meloleather Clutch
Contemporary Leather Colours Mel

Meloleather colours; a range of leathers used

I was so excited to see episode 5 of The Great British Sewing Bee. See BBC IPlayer for the episode.

This episode contained many new challenges for sewers, including sewing a garment using leather.

Listening to the language the competitors used to describe the luxurious and sumptuous feel of the leather they were handling filled me with great joy; I get excited whenever someone discovers this beautiful textile.  

Detail of Meloleather Clutch

Detail of Meloleather Clutch

I also felt that this episode highlighted the many challenges that arise when sewing leather.  Leather is not an easy material to sew or handle if you have no experience of what you are doing.

In my own creative leather work,  I have to consider the type of leather I use for different commissions and how they will work on my machine.  My work contains a lot of applique made up from different textiles.  This means that I always consider how these materials will compliment each other.   I also have to plan  ways to reduce the bulk of what I am working on.

I hope to run more leather workshops later in the year where people will have the opportunity to explore the beauty of leather and make something precious of their own.

In the meantime, who will win The Great British Sewing Bee?


Contemporary Leather and African Bible Cover: Architectural Inspiration

Leather Bible Meloleather



Leather Bible Meloleather

This is part of the planning process for making my commissioned Bible covers.

I was commissioned to make a contemporary Bible cover using purple leather and African fabrics in the Inez design. 

Many things inspire me to make the things I make.  This light fixture in a North London Church (Newcourt Christian Centre) really inspired my Inez designs and the layering effect I create with leather and textiles.

Architectural Light in Finsbury Park Church

Architectural Light in Finsbury Park Church

Architectural light in North London church

Architectural light in North London church


Contemporary Leather and African Textile Bible

Contemporary Leather and African Textile Bible

I am so pleased with the final result and so was the lady who commissioned me to make the Bible:

“What a blessing! To take a book which is so special on the inside and to have that beauty displayed on the outside.  Meloleather makes it so you CAN judge a book by its cover!  Thank you.”   Harriet.




Leather Craft Review 2013 / Hello Leather Craft 2014





Christmas Lights 2013

Christmas Lights 2013

We are already approaching the third month of this New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year of craft for me.  It’s always a good idea to reflect on the different experiences you have during your craft journey; this blog post is a quick snapshot of what happened.


I thoroughly enjoyed making commissioned Bible covers.

Meloleather Inez Bible Cover

Leather Bible Meloleather

This is part of the planning process for making my commissioned Bible covers.

Making leather Afro combs and being a part of the History of the Afro Comb exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum was a real thrill.  It brought back many happy memories associated with the Oooohart Cultural Olympiad exhibition in 2012 where I exhibited my leather running track as part of the London Olympic Games.

Meloleather Afro combs in display case

Meloleather Afro combs in display case

Meloleather Black Afro Comb







Melo Leather Olympic Running Track at Hornsey Library Melo Leather


Meeting so many interesting people at the craft fairs I did in Southgate, Crouch End and Forty Hall was very encouraging.  It was wonderful to talk to so many people in North London who also have a passion for beautifully made objects.

I-phone August, September 2013 137 IMG_2079 IMG_2076 Melo Leather (4)

I can’t wait for many more craft experiences in 2014!





Christmas Craft Fairs

Meloleather perforated black purse on sale at the Christmas craft fair

Meloleather perforated black purse on sale at the Christmas craft fair

Christmas is almost here!

I am very excited to be participating in this year’s Designer Craft Fair in Southgate on Sunday 17th November.

Please see for more details and visit me at the fair:
SUNDAY 17 NOVEMBER 2013 10am-6pm
St Monica’s Parish Centre, Canon House,
6 Cannon Hill, Southgate N14 7HG

I will also be at the CROUCH END CHRISTMAS CRAFT FAIR on Saturday 14th December 2013. More details will follow.