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Christmas Lights 2013

Christmas Lights 2013

We are already approaching the third month of this New Year!

2013 was a wonderful year of craft for me.  It’s always a good idea to reflect on the different experiences you have during your craft journey; this blog post is a quick snapshot of what happened.


I thoroughly enjoyed making commissioned Bible covers.

Meloleather Inez Bible Cover

Leather Bible Meloleather

This is part of the planning process for making my commissioned Bible covers.

Making leather Afro combs and being a part of the History of the Afro Comb exhibition at Bruce Castle Museum was a real thrill.  It brought back many happy memories associated with the Oooohart Cultural Olympiad exhibition in 2012 where I exhibited my leather running track as part of the London Olympic Games.

Meloleather Afro combs in display case

Meloleather Afro combs in display case

Meloleather Black Afro Comb







Melo Leather Olympic Running Track at Hornsey Library Melo Leather


Meeting so many interesting people at the craft fairs I did in Southgate, Crouch End and Forty Hall was very encouraging.  It was wonderful to talk to so many people in North London who also have a passion for beautifully made objects.

I-phone August, September 2013 137 IMG_2079 IMG_2076 Melo Leather (4)

I can’t wait for many more craft experiences in 2014!





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